Marmalade Bakery

Our Commitment

Marmalade Bakery is committed to using real ingredients for real desserts. All our cakes and cupcakes are baked from scratch using the same ingredients just as your grandma would. Our guarantee is to provide fresh baked goods for all occasions no matter the size adding a little sweetness one cake at time. 

Our Story

Marmalade Bakery came to be for owner Kyra King in 2019 after being just a dream and a name. Growing up baking with her grandma is where her passion for baking started. From lemon loaves and old fashioned doughnuts to blueberry muffins and apple crisp, baking always started in the bush picking fresh berries and ended with a sprinkling of sugar and generous pat of butter. Kyra’s love of all things sweet grew from the hours spent baking and eating with family watching their eyes light up as every crumb was savoured. Being surrounded by family who shared in the love of cooking and sweet treats was just the beginning for everything that has come since. 

Kyra started her baking career in 2014 while attending the Art Institute of Vancouver for baking and pastry arts finishing her studies and jumping right into bakery life in Vancouver. Soon after her craft took her back to her hometown of Winnipeg where she worked for 6 years baking and finding her passion in the art of wedding cakes and pastries. Being a prairie girl at heart her and her partner packed up and made the drive across the country to the sunny Okanagan where they settled into their life opening Skaha Pizza. After a long winter of tossing dough and slinging pizzas Kyra had the chance to make her dream of having her own bakery a reality. Marmalade Bakery started as a small side business run out of Skaha Pizza and continues to grow and evolve with Penticton and the Okanagan community’s support. 

This bakery dream is now a reality as an online bakery providing the community and many family’s with cakes and desserts for all occasions. Kyra has been blown away with the love and support she’s received since starting this venture and can only see Marmalade Bakery growing and flourishing over time as her cakes continue to add a little sweetness to our slice of paradise here in Penticton.